Help! I am stuck on the title of my upcoming book! 

Since writing a book is kind of a serious undertaking, I want to get it right the first time! I need your opinion! 

What’s the book about?
The book will be a step-by-step guide to creating the highly engaging workplace that attracts and keeps the talent companies need to thrive! 

It will deep dive into the 10 features of a workplace that drive employee motivation, engagement, productivity and most important of all HAPPINESS! Then it will share a simple yet effective blueprint, our 3M method (Map, Measure & Mobilize) to improving your existing employee journey and workplace culture the minute you are done the book! 

So not only give you the key info i.e. the 10 features of a workplace that drive happiness but tell you what to do with this new knowledge and how to use it to transform work into their happy place! 

Please help me decide the title!!! 

Please rank the following titles in your preferred order. 1 is your absolute favourite and 5 is your least favourite! 

  • The Happiness Factor: A Blueprint to Happy Productive Workplaces
  • The Happy Worker Hack: A Roadmap To Creating Their Workplace Happy Place
  • Powered By People: How To Build a Happy & Productive Workplace
  • Their Happy Place: A Guide to Creating a Happy and Fulfilling Work Culture
  • The Happy Handbook: A Blueprint to Happy Productive Workers

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