Human Resources Services

As a business owner and manager, you have enough hats to wear. The good news? HR does not need to be one of them—not when you have The People Person on your side.
From staff management to the review and development of key HR policies and procedures, we can help streamline and optimize your HR functions.
We offer the following HR services:

HR Assessments

We will assess your current HR management processes and identify growth potential.

On-Demand HR Services

Don’t have a dedicated HR person on staff? Now you do!

HR Strategy Development

We guide you in developing the structure required to optimize your human resources operations and achieve your business objectives.


We manage the recruitment process from start to finish, helping you locate and hire the talent you need for your business to thrive. Our cost-effective recruiting services include strategic focused searches, applicant screening, reference checks, and more.

Orientation and Onboarding

We design the systems, tools and resources to successfully transition new employees into their role—and into your company. We can support new employee onboarding from the time you extend your employment offer up to six months into their new position.

Terminations and Exits

We draft the documents, tools and processes you need to effectively manage the exit process, to ensure you are tapping into the valuable continuous improvement knowledge that departing employees have to offer!

Policies and Procedures

Are your team members aware of your HR policies and procedures? Are you compliant with the latest legislative updates? Do you have policies to address the most recent mandated legislated leaves? We develop comprehensive HR manuals, employee handbooks and à-la-carte HR policies and procedures.

Employee Handbook

Help your staff understand the rules and regulations that govern their workplace.

Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations

From in-depth position analysis to align required tasks to employees’ skill sets, to drafting more generic job descriptions to ensure you are recruiting the talent you need, we will help you perform the position and job evaluations to create a fulsome library of job descriptions to inform crucial HR processes such as performance management and onboarding.

Conflict Resolution and Management

Effectively manage workplace conflict at all organizational levels. We provide expertise in workplace investigations, mediation, conflict analysis and system design services.

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