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Helping you redesign your end-to-end employee experience to attract and keep the talent you need to thrive!
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Workplace Culture Creators

At the People Person: HR Growth Solutions, we strive to ignite organizational cultural transformation. We do this by helping you empower your employees to engage, connect and thrive in the workplace.
We provide you with the expertise, tools and processes you need to tap into employee potential and optimize employee performance! With our help, you can reap the benefits of increased retention rates, improved productivity and—ultimately—a better bottom line.

We offer the following workplace culture and talent development services:

Employee Engagement Strategy Development

Working with your team members and senior leadership, we can design and implement an employee engagement strategy that will increase retention and decrease costly turnover. We will help you become an “Employer of Choice”.

Performance Management Process Design

Performance management is not just about a great design; to be effective, leaders must also understand how to use the process to drive the results they seek. We will create and retool your performance management system, and coach/train your managers on how to use this powerful process to transform their unit into a high-performing team!

Change Management

The only constant in business these days is change! When change happens, you want to be prepared. We help you design and implement a strategy to effectively roll changes of all sizes throughout your organization, maximize employee buy-in and minimize the potential costly negative impacts of the change.

Training and Development Strategy

We coach your team on how to perform a thorough training needs assessment, help you identify and address any skills and competency gaps and develop a strategy to bridge the gap between your current and your future desired state.

Workshop Facilitation

We offer custom, pre-built workshops and focused learning initiatives to meet your training needs. Contact us for a list of topics.


Need help with strengthening team collaboration? We offer initiatives aimed at increasing trust and team cohesiveness.

360-Degree Evaluations

We help your leaders understand the impact of their management approach on direct reports, colleagues and senior managers—by providing them with others’ perceptions of it.

Everything DiSC

These powerful assessment tools and profiles support growth at all levels of your organization, bringing about self-awareness of preferences and tendencies when working with others. It also helps participants identify blind spots, and minimize their negative impact on working relationships.

Agile EQ

It is said that IQ(intelligence quotient) will get you in the door, but EQ(emotional intelligence quotient) that will get you up the corporate ladder. The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile gives you valuable insights, allowing you to discover an agile approach to workplace interactions. We can help you recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to you and gain actionable strategies to become more agile in all situations.

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